The Boston Symmetry Group organizes events for Boston-area researchers that are interested in the interplay between symmetries and machine learning. Relevant research topics include invariant/equivariant neural networks, symmetries in learning algorithms, graph neural networks, and applications of symmetries in machine learning for physical systems, molecules, social networks, and beyond.

Boston Symmetry Day

Boston Symmetry Day is a biannual meeting of symmetry-minded folks in the Boston area. It is open to registration for all who would like to attend, subject to space constraints. Registration is free, but we cannot provide travel funding at this time.

First Boston Symmetry Day: April 7, 2023 at Northeastern
The first Boston Symmetry Day was held at Northeastern University on April 7, 2023. The schedule included 8 talks by leading researchers and a poster session. We had a full house, with over 150 registered attendees from a variety of universities, research labs, and companies.

Past Events:
Spring 2023: Northeastern University

Future Events:
Fall 2023: MIT

Mailing List

Beyond information about Boston Symmetry Day, the mailing list also announces events like relevant seminars or talks. It may further be used for relevant discussions and job opportunities.

The mailing list can be found here.


Stefanie Jegelka

Associate Professor


Hannah Lawrence

PhD Student


Derek Lim

PhD Student


Jung Yeon Park

PhD Student


Robin Walters

Assistant Professor



We are looking for sponsors to help fund events like Boston Symmetry Day. Please contact us if you are interested. Below are sponsor tiers and benefits:

Bronze Tier: $500

Silver Tier: $1000

Gold Tier: $2000

We are also open to sponsorships at different monetary amounts and different benefits. Please contact us if you would like to discuss.

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