The Boston Symmetry Group organizes events for Boston-area researchers that are interested in the interplay between symmetries and machine learning. Relevant research topics include invariant/equivariant neural networks, symmetries in learning algorithms, graph neural networks, and applications of symmetries in machine learning for physical systems, molecules, social networks, and beyond.

Boston Symmetry Day

Boston Symmetry Day is a meeting of symmetry-minded folks in the Boston area. It is the largest event on symmetry and machine learning in the United States. Registration is free for all who would like to attend, subject to space constraints.

Next Boston Symmetry Day: November 3, 2023 at MIT

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The second Boston Symmetry Day will be held at MIT on Friday November 3, 2023, at the Bartos Theater in the atrium of MIT building E15. In addition to connections between symmetry and machine learning, this event will also cover connections between geometry and machine learning. The schedule will include 6 talks by leading researchers and a poster session. More details and the full schedule will be announced soon.


9:00-9:30. Breakfast + Registration

9:30-9:40. Opening Remarks

9:40-10:20. Talk 1 by Gabriele Corso, Bowen Jing, and Hannes Stark (MIT)
“Equivariant Generative Processes for Molecular Docking”

10:20-10:25. Sponsor presentation for Boston Dynamics AI Institute

10:25-10:50. Coffee

10:50-11:30. Talk 2 by Rui Wang (MIT)
“Relaxed Equivariant Networks for Learning Symmetry Breaking in Physical Systems”

11:30-12:10. Talk 3 by Cengiz Pehlevan (Harvard)
“Geometry and linear separability of neural representations”

12:10-13:40. Lunch

13:40-14:20. Talk 4 by Lawson Wong (Northeastern)
“Symmetry in Decision Making”

14:20-15:00. Talk 5 by Phiala Shanahan (MIT)
“Symmetry equivariant normalising flows for quantum fields”

15:00-16:00. Poster Session + Coffee

16:00-16:40. Talk 6 by Wei Zhu (UMass Amherst)
“Generalization and Optimization in Symmetry-Preserving Machine Learning: Sample Complexity and Implicit Bias”

Past Events:
Spring 2023: Northeastern University

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Beyond information about Boston Symmetry Day, the mailing list also announces events like relevant seminars or talks. It may further be used for relevant discussions and job opportunities.

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We are looking for additional sponsors to help fund Boston Symmetry Day. Please contact us if you are interested. Below are sponsor tiers and benefits:

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We are also open to sponsorships at different monetary amounts and different benefits. Please contact us if you would like to discuss.

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